It has been 11 months since I last published a personal blog post. Frankly, I spent the last year just resolving some challenges and trying so hard to figure things out in my life. Pathetic.

Do you want another truth as to why it took me this long to write again? Thing was, I got scared. I was scared of so many things like:

  1. Would people actually care about what I had to say?
  2. What would I write about next that would make my blog unique?
  3. What is the purpose of my blogging?
  4. Etc., etc., etc.


Before I continue writing and you with your reading, I’d like to introduce you to Ikay and watch this YouTube video first. I stumbled upon her story in my News Feed (Facebook). Her life story was the sole reason I wanted to screw my fears and get back to blogging again. Here she is:

I watch this video over and over not to feel better about myself. I watch this because it reminds me of my life’s purpose and mission despite my own hardships.

I established my first business eight years ago not to only earn a profit. In fact, earning was only secondary to me. I had always wanted to help others. This desire always felt like it was embedded in my genes.

After my bankruptcy in 2013, I have yet to recover financially. I have successfully re-established my business in 2015 and this year (2017), operations have just began to stabilize.

What I’m trying to say is, I may not have the monetary means to fulfill my desire to help other people with their financial needs at present but, I’m blessed enough to have other resources to at least find ways to extend my helping hand.

As of this writing, Ikay’s story has been viewed by more than half a million Facebook users and by almost 30,000 YouTube users.

Few people have already pledged to provide financial support while some offered their prayers to her. The majority are mere sympathizers.

I don’t have to be a rich guy to begin helping other people. I believe this is what we, and our country, need at this point of our lives: a collective effort to make a unified and positive difference.

Living is not just about you or your family!

I can only wish that we share similar vision…




In case you’re wondering what actions I did on my part to help Ikay, well, I don’t have to publicize my good deeds, do I?

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