It’s a bit late but hey, it’s still the first month of 2016. A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR TO ALL OF US!

Despite finally breaking up with my boyfriend of two years, 2015 was generally good to me. I managed to establish a new company and met wonderful people who would help me in making The Vision a reality. But it felt like I could have done even more. Not that I’m being ungrateful but, it still felt like I lived my 2015 in a box. And for someone who always goes outside of his comfort zone, seeing yourself “contained” in a way is unacceptable.

So starting this year, 2016, I am reinventing myself. This means I opt to learn and discover new things in order to improve the intellectual, spiritual, financial and physical aspect of my existence. I intend to finally overcome and resolve the challenges (and obligations) that have been in front of me all this time. I will be braver, happier, and more accomplished. I am now ready to meet new, exciting, and smart people and increase my network the proper way. No more collecting trash.

2016 is the year to shape up and level up! As I introduce my new blog, I am launching a section called #ProjectNewLife that is dedicated to sharing with you my whole new bunch of adventures and endeavors. If I can turn my life around for better, so can you! Will you be part of my journey?

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