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Today, we have officially launched the first Filipino-owned ad serving network in the Philippines – Pisig Ad Network. We are a fast-growing community of influential bloggers nationwide who are ready to serve your ads and introduce your business online.

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Health Junkie, your go-to resource for doable exercise, healthy recipes, and happy lifestyle tips, is launching something big this year.

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my hero my lola by the pisig club

I often share stories about this woman to my ex-boyfriend – how I love her chocolate cakes, brownies, and literally every food that she prepares. Her name is Zenaida Gamboa-Pisig, and she is my grandmother. All of us, her grandchildren, call her Ma. She is my hero and here is her story.

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Have you hit your rock bottom? Well, mine happened in 2013 and the experience was overwhelming. Going through one difficult time after another was both emotionally and mentally painful. Worse, taking that first step to better my life was a challenge.

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