I will always remember my first year as an entrepreneur. I had no solid knowledge in business and financial management because since I was good at creating my own earning opportunities, I thought that skill was all I ever needed.

I was overconfident and didn’t bother to come up with contingency plans. In fairness to me though, I had no idea what it was during the time-being. All I knew was that I had a great product and at the time, the market was not yet saturated with what I had to offer.

If I remember the year right, during the 2nd half of 2009, I got invited by one of my clients to attend a seminar of Francis Kong that was sponsored by Globe Business. I’m the kind who’s always excited to connect with people so I went to attend my first business event. To tell you frankly, I didn’t know who Francis Kong was and what I had to expect from him at the seminar. But the fact that the event was being held at One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites, who would not be excited about going, right?

So there I was, seated at the second, middle-part row. The venue was packed with attendees to the point that some had no chairs left to use. But those people never seemed to mind and even looked ecstatic about the mere presence of this certain Francis Kong. I was puzzled and I was like: “Who was this guy anyway?”

After the Account Executives from Globe Business presented their list of services, there came the main event. We gave the anchor speaker a warm, round of applause as he was introduced by the host. As Francis Kong walked toward the platform, he had this kind of “positive vibe” in him and it was too much good of a vibe that it radiated off throughout the event hall. Then I was like: “Oh, this is the kind of guy I would love to listen to.” So I did – like a student who eagerly listens to his mentor.

Francis Kong gave an inspiring discussion about finance, business, personality development, as well as spiritual wellness – so motivating that I didn’t want his talk to end. Alas, #walangforever. I remember buying one of his books after the event but unfortunately, I couldn’t remember its title and that I lost it when I moved to Makati in 2011. The book was about his business ventures and the challenges he encountered along the way and how he was able to overcome them. He also shared his wisdom about Life and Career and the best learning I got from him was how having the right Attitude played a major role in achieving Success.

When I experienced bankruptcy in 2013 and lost almost every property I owned simply because I let myself get distracted (yes, by Relationship), my morale was not completely broken. I believe it was the lessons I learned from Francis Kong that subconsciously took over my Life. It was as if my mind had an auto-pilot and suddenly auto-archived all lessons I acquired from his teachings. These helped me and made my moving forward less difficult.

Although it took me another three years to rebuild my Life, the time frame was just alright. Now that I established a new company this year (2016), my experiences made me stronger and smarter. I can actually say that things have started to get better every day. I, of course, would also attribute the newly found success to my God, my family and my true friends. I couldn’t imagine how things would have been without them.

Last week, I got word from a business colleague that Francis Kong will have a seminar on October 18th at AFP Theater in Camp Aguinaldo. I immediately informed her I would attend and that I would even share to my blog about my own Francis-Kong-Effect story. If you want to get more details about this event, check out the poster below. I look forward to seeing you there!


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