I established my small business in 2009. I remember putting up everything from scratch, clueless about my next steps. But my desire to help other local businesses through my services is greater than my doubts. I told to myself, “Everything will eventually unfold itself”.

Eight years and one bankruptcy later, it did.

My goal and mission as an entrepreneur are now as clear as crystal. At present, I’m able to rebuild and re-introduce my services on a worldwide scale. I could have not done this though without the tools and platforms that are available to me — one of which is PayPal.

Two days ago, August 24th, PayPal held its very first event intended for freelancers entitled: “PayPal Freelancer Community Summit: Take Control of Your Freelance Money!”.

And yes, they chose the Philippines as their launching venue — at The Peninsula Manila Hotel to be exact.

The event was hosted by the uber appealing RJ Ledesma.

Rahul Shinghal, General Manager, Southeast Asia PayPal

According to Rahul Shinghal, PayPal’s General Manager for Southeast Asia, they have seen the growing community of freelancers in the country (in comparison to other parts of the world).

It was the main reason they decided to hold this kind of event here.

Rahul tackled and educated us about PayPal.me and PayPal Business App and how these two platforms can be useful tools to freelancers and entrepreneurs alike.

Leanne Sheraton, Marketing APAC PayPal

Also present in the event was Leanne Sheraton, who is the Marketing Officer of PayPal for Asia Pacific (APAC).

Leanne introduced to us the Country Ambassadors of PayPal. These ambassadors shared their experiences on how PayPal platform has been a major part of their success in freelancing.

They are also generous enough to share with us the different online tools and the strategies they use in making it big in the Philippine freelancing industry.

The following Country Ambassadors (and their respective topics) are:

  1. Abe Olandres Founder of YugaTech — Supercharging your Freelancing: Tech Tools to be a Better Freelancer
  2. Fitz Villafuerte, Founder of Ready To Be Rich — Freelance Money: Managing an Irregular Salary
  3. Ginger Arboleda, Founder and CEO of Manila Workshops, COO of Taxumo — Work Your Network
  4. Liz Lanuzo, Founder of Project Vanity and In Her Element — Girl Boss: Turning Passion Into Profit
Panel Discussion: (left-right) RJ Ledesma, Rahul Shinghal, Fitz Villafuerte, Liz Lanuzo, Leanne Sheraton, Ginger Arboleda, Abe Olandres, Albert Tinio

We had a panel discussion after each ambassador presented their piece. Albert Tinio, CEO of GCash, joined in the discussion. He introduced to us how GCash platform can help freelancers to easily withdraw funds from their PayPal account.

Learning the humble beginnings of each country ambassador and how they are able to grow their companies was indeed inspiring. It made me feel more driven, not only because they are earning well, but because I’m able to see how much they are able to contribute and make a difference in the lives of other people that their expertise reach.

Finally got the chance to have a photo with my Idol, Abe Olandres of YugaTech. Shoutout to RJ Ledesma who was photobombing 😉

And I’m a strong believer that in entrepreneurship, money should always come second. As a businessman, I have a greater purpose than just earn good money. For me, it’s about providing my marketing services to both local and international businesses and becoming part of  their success story. It’s about the “the value you give in than the payment you take”.

And this is exactly what PayPal has done and continue to do for my business.

In this very competitive world and generation, every business person would want to go global. Eight years ago, frankly, I had not imagined that my services would be able to get the attention of foreign markets.

I was not thinking big back then.

Today, I am servicing clients from other parts of the world and yes, I always use PayPal as my online payment platform. They have done a wonderful job in bridging the “trusting phase” gap between the Seller and the Buyer.

Because of PayPal, my clients feel secure and can be assured that I will deliver the services they purchased. And as the Seller (or Service Provider), I can assure myself that my clients will do their end of the bargain. Win-win!

So to you, PayPal, thank you for being a major part of my ups and downs as an entrepreneur. You will always be part of my success!


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