About The Blogger

In February 2009, with a mission of providing affordable marketing strategies to entrepreneurs in the Philippines, Paul began to educate Filipino business owners about Digital and Mobile Marketing. And through the course of campaigning his advocacy using digital and mobile marketing channels, the editorial team of AdEdge – the official magazine of Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) – learned about his marketing services. He got featured on AdEdge in their October 2009 issue.

Aside from introducing Internet marketing tools to clients, Paul provided consultancy services to companies like Enchanted Kingdom, Total Fuel, Pancake House Group, and Petron Corporation. Having been considered as one of the pioneering providers of Digital and Mobile Marketing in the Philippines, both his technical and practical knowledge were found essential by various companies.

As he had gained satisfied clientele, one client introduced him to former President (now Manila City Mayor) Joseph Estrada. He received the privilege of becoming part of Mr. Estrada’s overall marketing team – responsible for providing mobile marketing during the May 2010 Presidential Election. His tasks were done remotely with timely visits at both Mr. Estrada’s residential and campaign headquarters to submit reports and conduct marketing planning.

Paul was later introduced to Hon. Gov. Chavit Singson for a project in Vigan. Vigan City was nominated as one of the New Seven Wonders (Cities) in the world. During the 2012 competition process, the Philippines had seven nominated cities competing with one another. Paul’s mission was to make Vigan City “the” sole representative of the country. Governor Singson introduced Paul to his niece, Mayor Eva Marie Singson-Medina (Mayor of Vigan) and represented himself as the city’s marketing consultant for the said project.

As the Philippine marketing industry gradually embracing the potential of Digital and Mobile Marketing, Paul started to emphasize its wonders to his clients – from the creation of business websites to optimizing these sites and promoting products and services through the Internet. He had also provided his expertise to companies like Ayala Land Corp., Philippine Red Cross, Weather Philippines Foundation, Philippine Foundation for Science and Technology, Vista Land, Robinsons Land Luxuria, ProFriends Inc., JobQuest.PH, Richmonde Hotel Ortigas, Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, Eagle Point Resort, USANA Health Services, MTD Web Solutions, Immigration Placement Services, Hans Pharma Enterprises, Powermax Consulting Group Inc., HAPI Management Consultancy Services, Manulife, Federal Land, SkinStation, BusinessMaker Academy, Consult Asia Business Solutions and Advisory Services Inc., Chronos International Manpower Corp., St. Michael Travel and Tours, and to other small and medium business in the country.

And in 2016, Paul has successfully launched his own advertising platform – Pisig Ad Network. Now, micro-entrepreneurs in the Philippines will have access to affordable and effective online advertising services.